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Cosplay corner.

hiei_portrait_painting_by_nonobadpup-d2ok4qcThis is a Hiei (from Yu yu hakusho) cosplay and I think it’s brilliant! It’s got everything from the red eyes to the tear necklace and the outfit is perfect. So now this cosplay is now taking it’s rightful place in cosplay corner. I give this cosplay five out of five stars!


Little steam game of the weeeeeek!

boxArtBleed is a little Platform indie action game that is available on steam for £3.99 or $6.13 if you are American. The game is about a pink hair girl called Wryn that want’s to get rid of all the heroes in the world and claim the title of “hero” for herself! In order to do this she must defeat the six best heroes of  all time using either the duel pistols or a rocket launcher!

I think that Bleed is a fun game, it’s the kinda game that you would play if you are bored or just want to kill some time and Bleed would not disappoint. I really love games like, this the wacky 2D graphics and challenging levels remind me of old school Mario games which I love so much. If you do want to buy this game I would recommend playing it with a controller. Or if you want some more details you can watch the YouTube video below! I give this game three and a half out of five stars.

Anime review.

177711yuyuhakusho1YU YU HAKUSHO

The story starts with Yusuke Urameshi a 14 year old street-fighting delinquent who, in a random act of kindness, throws himself in  the path of a speeding car in order to save a little boys life. Because this was so out of character the Spirit world (in other words heaven) didn’t expect him to die that day and so he is given the chance to come back from the dead and in return assume the role of spirit detective (Someone who keeps the Demons for demon world at bay and keep them from taking over human world) On Yusuke’s adventures he teams up with his classmate Kuwabara and the two reformed demons Hiei and Kurama.

Genres: action, comedy, martial arts, shounen and  supernatural. Episodes: 112.

Yu yu hakusho is, in my opinion, one of the best Anime there are and I strongly recommend it to anyone that loves a bit of supernatural action! After a boring day at work or school Yu yu hakusho will not fail to make you smile. The crazy plot twists and very likeable characters will leave you wanting more. And even though there are over one hundred episodes you will wish there are more. If you like action/supernatural/comedy you are guaranteed to love Yu yu hakusho! I give it five out of five stars.

This Anime contains violence and bad language.

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